Meet the Team

Scientist #1


This young lady is determined to become a Scientist and we will be with her all the way!  She is a participant in our Science & Technology Green STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) After School Program in collaboration with Bain+2 After School Program in Cranston, RI.  We meet with up to fifteen youth everyday for two hours during the school year along with high school and in 2019 college mentors.  Since 2017, we have help sponsor youth six hours a day during the summer for six tough weeks learning the knowledge and skills of STEAM.  A total of thirty plus youth during the year in this program alone using "Hands-On" science and technology.  We use Next Generation Standards supplemented with Basic and Advance Electronics, pre-Additive Manufacturing and soon Certifications for older students in 12th grade, college and community adults who are seeking new opportunities, re-inventing their job and career needs to enhance and advance socioeconomically...We "Give a Hand-Up, Not a Hand-Out"!

Our Staff, students, and community


All of our collaborators, staff, students and community members support us in STEAM, making them Scientist in their own right...collecting data, helping youth and dedicated adults promote our primary Goal:  To extent, advance, promote, and support STEAM among those individuals and families that would otherwise not seek jobs and careers in STEAM.

Who are the staff you may ask?  Our staff are part-time volunteers, hourly Consultants and the CEO that pitches in as Instructor, Tutor, Mentor, Project Director, and all around problem solver.

The Board consist of:

Christopher D. Hunter, PhD

Board President

Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Rhode Island

Mr. Kayode K. Idowu

Board Vice President

Software & IT Expert

Mr. Maxwell Draycott

Executive Secretary/Interim Treasurer

IT, Gamer, Entrepreneur

Ms. Alicia Turbitt, M.S.

STEAM Strategist & Design Director

Mr. David Collier, M.S.

Educational Specialist & Strategist

Providence School Department

Without this Team, we would have a hard time instructing and guiding youth, young adults and Parents...

Working at the Community Level!


All of our staff have degrees, multiple degrees, certification(s), or training in one of the fields of STEAM, Literacy, and/or Behavioral Sciences to integrate a curriculum of study for job, career or both!  We recently invested time in helping to form a new company:

Quantum Photonic, R&D, LLC

A start-up research organization that may have an invention on the horizon...the company is seeking a Provisional Patent and is in need of Investors.

We also work with OneCranston Campaign to help improve and increase community engagement in Rhode Island among cultures, ethnicities and socioeconomic enclaves.

We're hoping to help young Entrepreneurs to get their feet wet in creating small businesses with:

Mrs. Rochelle F. Blease of SCORE and the SBA

Our collaboration is developing!



Files coming soon.

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There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We want to thank the original Board Members that started with us in 2014 and continue to support us, including active and community members, we hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.

GS&ET, Inc.

Check out this great video from 2014 that shows our original Board Committee Members, Volunteers & Consultants...